Snow and five minute crafts: the snow dog

Another in my (very short) series of five minute, impermanent crafts. This is snow dog. He took about 5 minutes to do, and lasted about 5 minutes, being wrecked young in his life by a labrador not looking where it was going.

This dog is entirely innocent.


pretty snowfall--I hear it's dreadfully cold though. At first when a relative in the UK told us it was -8 I was absolutely shocked,thinking in Farenheit and thought you had Arctic conditions but I guess she meant Celsius (which would mean your temps are in the 20s). Still very cold!
Jane Badger said…
Yes, we do that new fangled Celsius thing here! Not as cold as it was thankfully, and probably nowhere near as cold as it is with you!
Barbara said…
What a fantastic snow dog, your real dog is pretty nice too!

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