Fancy dress. Sort of. With dogs.

Here is my dog, styled as a dog. A spoiled dog, who is allowed on the sofa, but a dog.

Here is a dog which is well, not.


Sue Howes said…
Having looked at all seven pictures I am speechless.
Jane Badger said…
They say the dogs enjoy it. I can only hope they're right.
Rebecca said…
Oh NO!!! That's awful.

Yours is a cutey. Mine's a goldie and is banned from the sofa as it's the cats' domaine.
I hate to say it but that dog done up like a Bassets made me laugh and laugh.
Jane Badger said…
How many cats? We have one, and dog and cat exist in armed neutrality. Mostly.

MmeLindor, it's the expression on the Bassets dog face that I like. It is completely "WTF?????"
Your dog is a lucky dog indeed! I was particularly amused by this statement in the article: "The creative grooming craze is popular in the US - where many people tend to think of their dogs as a kind of fashion accessory. In the UK we think of our dogs mainly as companions," said Louisa. "And we in our nature we are more reserved and less flamboyant than Americans."

Ahem. I will spare anybody pictures of me schlubbing around with my dirty-pawed dog as an example of an American using a dog as fashion accessory. As for flamboyance, may I introduce you to Elton John et al?

:) Just amused, not offended. If it were an American paper you'd be reading about how everybody in England is walking around with an umbrella while sipping tea and saying "tut, tut" and "cheerio".
Jane Badger said…
That's the Daily Telegraph for you - clich├ęs abounding. We're often told "where America leads, we follow" - generally when someone's referring to something they don't particularly like about British society. Generalisations don't do anyone any favours <>
Rebecca said…
Two cats. They get on with each other most of the time but the dog tries to intervene when the two cats fight and then they both turn on him. And he's such a softie he just takes it from them.
Jane Badger said…
My sister's dog is like that. Do your cats sleep in the dog's bed, or just glower at him in a superior fashion from the sofa? Our cat knows the dog isn't allowed on the beds, so does like to hop up and settle herself just so right in front of the dog's nose. Makes the dog cry in frustration.
Anonymous said…
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