Pony Book News: Hazel M Peel

Great news if, like me, you have managed to lose your childhood copy of Jago:  it will be back in print in March next year, and available from GIETE, along with Hazel's other Australian wild horse story, Fury.  A particularly gorgeous first edition of Jago was one of the very first pony books I sold in my bookselling career, and of course I've never seen another.  If I did, I think it would be a case of having to breathe smoothly and deeply and not scream.  Or leap about.  Always assuming I could afford it, of course.

I've done a new page on my website gathering together news on what's coming up in the pony book world, but will still continue to post stuff on my blog.  If you have any news of new books, please let me know!


haffyfan said…
Nice to see them being reprinted but shame about what I assume is a pile of hay in the background of Jago.
Jane Badger said…
Yes... hadn't registered that. Maybe some kind stockman had dumped some out in the bush.
Fiona said…
I had one of those first editions & gave it to a charity shop when I cleared my parents house as it had never been one of my favourites. Wish I had seen your forum then, I could have sold it as I have my other Hazel Peel books.

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