Although we don't have the snow other parts of the UK do, we have some pretty spectacular frost.   Until I came to let the junior hens out of their house this morning, I hadn't spotted the cobwebs festooning it.  The senior hens live in the stable, as they were so violent when the juniors came on the scene they had to be separated.  All is now reasonably harmonious, but the hens have maintained their separate sleeping arrangements.

Junior hen Echo was less than impressed with the snow, but seems positively perky about the frost.

There was the most amazing damask pattern on the concrete slabs outside the stable - a week or so ago I'd washed it down, which had left a thin veil of mud, which has turned into what could be some splendid fabric design.

It's all really rather beautiful.


Absolutely gorgeous. I don't think I've ever seen frosted cobwebs before!
Anonymous said…
Very beautiful indeed. You hardly ever see real frost in a city...

And the very shape of the hens is perfect too: tail UP! head UP!
Jodie Robson said…
Those are wonderful pictures - that's weather I could enjoy! Our hens too, as they are clearly fed up with snow.
Jane Badger said…
Thanks! It's even frostier today.

GeraniumCat - hens really don't approve of snow do they? If it's on the ground for long enough mine will get bored of pootling about the yard and venture into the snow.
Anonymous said…
How lovely your pictures are. You've captured that frost so well. Isn't it beautiful?
Jane Badger said…
Thank you! It is amazingly lovely.
Unknown said…
You really took some wonderful pictures here. We haven't had frost or snow yet here in Kansas but I hear it's on it's way!
Jane Badger said…
Thank you Lauren - have you had snow yet in Kansas I wonder? We are sitting here waiting the next lot!

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