Win-a-Pony Competition

Pony Magazine ran a win a pony competition in its early years. The competition stretched over some months, with new elements to complete each month. Here is one of them - I thought it might be fun to see what we could spot now (and was also wondering if there were many things we would miss simply because things have changed: it's probably much less likely I'd have thought that we would know as a matter of course what happened with driving setups). I haven't yet dug up the answers, I have to admit.


Sue Howes said…
The picture is a little small but here goes:
Girl in foreground has a) let her reins drop, horse has them round its leg; b) is using currycomb to brush horse; c) done something odd with badage on horse's front leg (can't see as pic a bit small) d) left her tack lying about on ground where it could be trodden on.
Boy on pony a) has his number on upside down; b) is using his pony as a grandstand.
Driving man a) is using both hands on reins (I think 'coachman style' should be one hand on reins, other hand holds whip); b) has forgotten half the harness as horse has no breeching.
Horse jumping a) is wearing blinkered bridle; b) is jumping the fence the wrong way round.
Cantering rider has forgotten his saddle!
Person leading rugged horse is leading from the 'wrong' side (this used to be a fearful sin, apparently).
Person mounting has wrong foot in stirrup and will end up facing horse's tail.
Car & trailer leaving showground have not put up back door/ramp.
I daresay there are tons of things that I'd never spot in a million years since I scarcely ride and have never shown, but here's a few others...

1. It looks as if "gymkhana" is misspelled "gimkhana" on the sign; 2. the guy riding hte jumper is wearing a cap and not a helmet; 3. the legs on the cantering horse look as if they are in the wrong formation for the gait; 4. the posts and rails in the foreground of the fence toward the right side of picture look as if they're set up wrong--aren't those rails kind of floating in space next to the post?--5. the flags are flying in different directions as if different winds are blowing; 6. the carriage horse looks as if it is wearing a racing hood; 7. I think the sidesaddle lady is sitting wrong way round with legs on off side of horse.

And nowadays the gal grooming her horse would be wrong for not wearing her helmet while working around a horse.
Jane Badger said…
Gosh, you're both good. I haven't spotted anything else!

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