Books you CAN read on the tube

If pony books are your thing, and you travel by public transport, you will occasionally (or perhaps often) meet the situation when you are deep in your latest re-read of Ruby Ferguson'sJill, and you want to take something with you to read on the train. Do you take Jill? Well, there's a sort of muted yes from me there. If I'm reading Jill, or a Pullein-Thompson, I'll take it. If, however, I'm reading one of the pinker, fluffier modern things (for research purposes, natch) I admit I feel a twinge. Do I want the world to know I read Katie Price's Perfect Ponies and its ilk? Which, now I think about it, is faintly ridiculous, because I've reviewed them on theworldwide web, for goodness sake. It's perfectly obvious I do read them.

All this is wavering off the point more than somewhat, as what I am supposed to be doing in this post is letting you know about the new section on my horse and pony book website. It features authors of books for adults! Dick Francis! Josephine Tey! Ainslie Sheridan! Who? you might well ask - I've been amazed to discover in my researches for this bit of the site just how very many books there are with an equine background. Besides the obvious like, well, Dick Francis, about whom you might well have gathered by now I have a bit of a thing, there is a whole slew of racing-themed detective literature, and even the odd book in which racing manages to cast off the mantle of detection and grab romance instead.

So, if you want to read a book you can read on the tube without feeling embarrassed (though frankly, looking at some of them there are a few I'd quibble about), take a look here.


Moggypie said…
What a brill idea. I'm looking forward to seeing if there are any horse books for grown-ups that aren't "horse as spiritual medium for recovery" or "horse as excuse for some lame romance" and the like...books that I'd enjoy as much as the horsy lit I liked as a kid!
Jane Badger said…
Oh, there's definitely some in the "horse as lame excuse for romance" category, I'm sure! Let me know if you find anything good though.

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