Morning walk

Some of us are not yet up...

I've never seen this before - young ivy foliage blackened by the frost. My poor maincrop potatoes have all been blasted by the frost. I'm pretty certain none of them are actually dead, but it will set them back a bit.

Allied to the late frosts, it's also very dry.

I love this time of year, particularly the smell, which even I with my very limited sense of smell, notice. There's cow parsley everywhere. I was born in Bedfordshire, where we called cow parsley cow parsley, but in Northamptonshire, where I am now, it's kek. Short and to the point.


Gillian said…
In Norfolk we always called it cow parsley. My rabbit was very fond of it.

Are those your pigs ?
Jane Badger said…
No, the pigs aren't mine! They live on one of the village farms. I'm very keen on the idea of pigs, but the start up costs are so huge I've given that idea a miss for a bit!
GeraniumCat said…
Northumberland the first buds of may are just coming out, and no cow parsely yet, but we haven't had any frost recently.
Jackie said…
I love your morning walk shots, and wish I was diligent in doing the same - I see much the same things, the cow parsley, the frost, the cracked dry ground - goats and cows rather than pigs - but aren't we just lucky and blessed to live in the English countryside?
Lets hear it for here.

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