Morning walk

I haven't done a morning walk for ages - not because I haven't been walking. I've either been deep in thought, or doing a morning run, which makes photographing difficult! Today was the first morning in a while there wasn't frost.

I'm on a semi-ruthless purge of dandelions in the garden. When I was little, I loved blowing the seeds off the dandelion clock (how ever many puffs it took to get rid of all the seeds was what time it was for us in Northamptonshire - was it the same for everyone?) but it used to drive my mother wild as the seeds settled everywhere, and with that genius for germination that dandelions seem to have, grew. Now I absolutely appreciate how she felt. But they are beautiful.

The hawthorn is just starting to come out. I'm not sure why this one bush is out when all around it are firmly not.

We have some village pigs now, who are incredibly popular. Dog loved the pigs when they were piglets, and they spent much time nose to nose through the wire. She still likes the remaining sow (we assume the other one is now in the freezer) but the boar who has now appeared is another matter.... no pic of him yet.


Moggypie said…
I envy you the beauty of your morning walk! How marvelous. And how funny to be reminded that moms are the same in so many places when it comes to puffing the seeds off of dandelions! (My mom chided me in NY for doing so, and I checked myself from doing the same here in Washington State to my own child :)
Jane Badger said…
My son, at the advanced age of 18, still likes removing the seeds from dandelions, though these days it's with a swift kick!

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