Oh, elegance

I don't know what it is about jeans these days - well, actually I think I do and I blame Alexander McQueen, him and his bumster trousers. Do not see why you cannot get a pair of jeans that are slim on the leg but will actually stay up. Have spent incredibly frustrating day hauling up jeans despite belt. I lost weight since I bought them and I thought that would help as there would be more for the belt to bite on, so to speak, but it's a complete and utter waste of time.

Anyway, I have been looking at a 1939 Riding Magazine, and I know it might seem that I am completely obsessed with riding clothes from decades ago, but oh, the elegance of these and the bliss of someone making something for you that fits. This ad makes even the elephant ears look good. I want to be her, and have her horse. That hat, the hair, the boots...

Not quite so keen on being this one : that jacket is scary, and the moment I entered their establishment they would KNOW that my clothes didn't even fit where they touched (particularly if I was wearing my jeans). Goodness, they're snooty though - mass produced clothes ending in dismal failure? Cripes.

I have also long had a yen to try sidesaddle, because I do rather fancy the idea of swishing along in one of those habits. This must have been one of the last gasps of habit advertising, because I can't recall one from my 1950s magazines. Out of interest I looked up modern day habit suppliers to see how much they cost and have temporarily shelved the idea. Will probably have to try something more lucrative than bookselling in order to have one.

The Swaine & Adeney ad doesn't actually show anything that glam, but S, A, B is my most abiding memory of my first visit to London. I was on a school trip, and the coach went along Piccadilly, and there, there, when the coach stopped, was Swaine, Adeney, Brigg (speaking of Brigg, where was he/she in 1938?) and I nearly died of bliss. I can't remember what the school trip was in aid of at all, but I remember the deliciousness of the window display. Alas S, A, B is long since closed - in Piccadilly, at any rate, but I have just looked them up, and they're alive and well and in St James. Well. Alas the equestrian and clothing sections on the website are sadly empty.

Daughter has now inspected my jeans problem, and pronounced my belt inadequate. Casting a thoughtful glance at my middle she might, she says, have one belt that might do the job.


Alison said…
Hi Jane - just catching up with your blog and had to laugh at this post as I've been ranting today like crazy about jeans! They just do not stay up and I'm always inelegantly hauling them back up despite a belt - should I ever find a pair that fit and feel comfortable, rest assured I will buy at least 10 pairs !!! Ali xxx
Jane Badger said…
Please tell me when you do and I will be right there after you in the queue!

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