The garden's growing without me

What well tempered things gardens can be. Despite absolutely no input from me for months, flowers are flowering.

Fortunately the wildlife needs no input from me anyway (and, as I like to tell myself, benefits from my idleness. My heaps of uncleared leaves are a refuge for something, I'm sure.) Bees have been out for a couple of weeks, and I also saw Brimstone, Tortoiseshell, Comma and Large White butterflies. Even with the zoom, couldn't get close enough to photograph, as the butterflies seemed to object to my doggy follower. As she likes to eat butterflies, I could see their point.


Val said…
The flowers look lovely!
...we're still waiting for Spring here although the light is back whoopee!!!

Which at least makes it feel like spring...real Spring may not arrive until May (9 & 1/2 inches of snow sitting ontop of ice in the garden at the moment..ho hum)
mokey said…
So, so pretty! You need to pan out so we can get the sum total view of all these little treasures!! Loving the daffodils - reminds me - time to chuck 'em in the fridge here in oz to let them chill before planting! I'm a cottage garden tragic !!
Jane Badger said…
Thanks Val. I do not envy you all that snow at all..

Mokey - you must be kidding! PAN OUT! Then you'd see the untidy horror that is the garden. I had a look at it from outside over the wall to see if a different perspective would make it look any better, but it didn't. I will take some photos of the horror.

Do you really and truly put your daffodils in the fridge?
mokey said…
We have a very warm Mediterranean climate here, with very mild winters , so most European bulbs benefit from a month in the vege chiller section of the fridge. Probably more so for tulips and the like, but the daffs don't mind either.

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