The Dream and Reality

I love the bit where they're eating the pony nuts. I used to like flaked maize (does anyone feed flaked maize anymore?) particularly if I could dip it in the molasses bucket. Yum.


Frances said…
Ah the wonders of You Tube. I hadn't seen this before, it's hilarious!!
Jane Badger said…
I hadn't seen it either - it is absolutely classic, isn't it? So well observed!
Juxtabook said…
Wonderful stuff! Like Jill before Martin and Ann took her in hand.
Anonymous said…
This is brilliant - brings back memories of my childhood - I used to do the jumping without ponies, because I didn't have one! I'm sure Jennifer must ride (and Dawn for that better) A great sketch!
Jane Badger said…
I did the jumping without ponies, but with a dog - not on the dog, but racing at the side! I have a dim memory of hearing somewhere that Jennifer and her daughters do ride.

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