Daughter and I are going to Olympia today with friends, hurrah, but this does of course mean that I will miss, oh sob, the Strictly Final. Just hope our video recorder, which is prone to fits of temperament, does the job. I am such a sad soul I actually spent time considering whether to get one of those DVD recorder machines. Once I'd seen how much they were, in view of the vast plumber's bill that just thudded through the door after what I hope is the last of our adventures with our anarchic water system, I rapidly gave up that idea.

Lisa to win - I love the way that girl has fought her way through.


Unknown said…
Have a super time - I took my daughter up yesterday! Ali
Jane Badger said…
Ali - we did have a super time, thanks. I wasn't sure if daughter would enjoy it, but she loved it (though we didn't have quite as much time as she would have liked in the shopping village....) Lorenzo the Flying Frenchman was amazing!

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