A cold and spiky world. Dog and I like not coming back covered with mud (particularly as the hole in my wellie is getting larger, not smaller.) Made the latest of a whole series of mental notes to go and get a new pair on the way back from the station.


Unknown said…
I had to laugh - holey wellies are something I always seem to contend with - why oh why do they not make them to last these days !! I've tried expensive ...I've tried cheap - yet they still spring leaks! And once leaking I end up wearing them for weeks on end before purchasing new when I finally get tired of wet muddy socks. Have you tried sticking a plastic bag over your foot and in your welly??? I've not tried myself as its not till I put my foot in that first puddle that I think BLAST and remember the hole! Still the weather is beautiful isn't it!!! And I do love wellies - I live in them!!! Ali xxx
Juliet said…
Wonderful, gorgeous pics. I was cursing my poor beloved (and still hole-free wellies) this evening, as I skidded around on the sea wall in them, wishing I'd worn walking boots instead, to get a better grip. And then I stepped in a puddle - and sank in right up to my knee! That'll teach me to be ungrateful to my trusty waterproof chums (they'll probably develop an immediate hole now, of course)
Anonymous said…
Those are incredible pics!
Jane Badger said…
Alison - no, I've never tried the plastic bag trick though I can see the attraction! Like you, I keep forgetting until I plunge into a puddle when the sudden wet chill reminds me.
Juliet - gosh, a Dawn French moment (not a huge fan of Vicar of Dibley, but did like the bit where she is immersed in the puddle)!
Stop Smoking - you are very kind. Thank you.

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