The Waitrose Walk of Shame

I'm not used to being a social pariah: I've never smoked, and I've always been very dutiful about things like drink-driving (easy when you don't like the stuff to start with) and not talking on my mobile when driving.

So, it took me aback a bit when I realised I was getting funny glances from the other people at the checkout when I cheerfully announced that yet again I'd forgotten my collection of bags for life. THEY all had them - some of them even had those even more green jute efforts. And I, wasteful mis-user of the planet's resources, did not.

Today I heard that Marks and Spencer are going to be asking people to pay 5p per carrier bag. The Radio 4 interviewer asked if using plastic carrier bags would soon be seen as anti-social a thing as smoking. No soon about it in Waitrose.

I don't think the down on using plastic bags is a bad thing (though I do wonder how I'd ever have managed to move house as a student, which seemed to involve shifting a thousand International Supermarket carrier bags). It's dreadful seeing them fluttering in their hundreds from the trees opposite Tescos, and frankly if I was more organised it wouldn't be a problem. When I heard the M&S story I did wonder briefly if there would be a sort of reverse chic - that plastic bag users would proudly announce that their 5p was going to improve parks and THAT IS A GOOD THING. But I think not.

The forgetful (me) and disorganised (me again) will soon slink from the supermarket aisles in shame, or else end up with the world's largest collection of bags-for-life. I had better clear out another cupboard.


Gillian said…
I have a smallish rucksack that I use for things like small shops - veg from the local greengrocers etc and oddments around town, and carry a folded study carrier in my smaller shoulderbag. Earlier this year I got two of Tesco's Bags For Life, which fold up neatly and fasten with a press stud. I generally remember to take these when doing a big shop by car.

I usually end up getting a couple of regular carrier bags too, on the big shop, which is fine by me. I use them doubled for dirty cat litter, and also as bin liners. So I do reuse supermarket bags before they get thrown out. I also like the small bags you get in Boots, which are ideal for lining the little bin in the bathroom.
Fiona said…
I've got loads of the "green" bags but guess what...I nearly always forget them.

In the Manchester suburb where I live the local councillors tried to impose a ban on plastic bag use but some of the shop keepers wouldn't sign up to it.
I feel guilty with....plastic!
Jane said…
I'm not so bad in the village, as I usually go to the post office first with all my parcels, in a large green laundry bag and I use that for my local shopping - it's the more major things I'm not good at.

Generally plastic bags get re-used, either in bins, or when friends have plant sales we use them then. And I have found, from the nibbled ones in the deep depths of the cupboard, that they apparently make very good mouse beds.
Sod the sanctimonious sods!!

I am collecting plastic bags as I use them for so many other things.
Jane said…
M&M - that is the thing, isn't it? I also use them for dog poo, lining bins, standing muddy boots in so they dont' go mouldy outside, storing odd bits of daughter's dance gear......... and if I don't use them to line the bin, I then have to go out and buy more plastic bags, albeit recyclable. I remember in the dim and distant past that Sainsbury's used to do very large brown paper carrier bags. What's to stop them doing them again, I wonder?

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