The long silence

I hadn't realised until I looked at the date of my last post quite how long it had been since I last blogged. The long gap is due to what usually poleaxes me from contact with the human race: my accounts. I am determined this year not to turn into the usual bad-tempered, snarling and stressed out creature I become at the financial year end (it's not, after all, as if its coming is a surprise: it's been the same date ever since I started being self-employed way back when). So, the books went off-line, and the accounts, statements and a million and one receipts and I have been locked together. And I have managed to get everything up to date and sorted out. I don't feel smug about it however, as I know there's still a few weeks to go, and I have got to keep disciplined and not put off updating things because I'd rather be writing or researching. I have a genius for galloping off down other avenues when I should be doing other things.

I've also been having a huge sort out of old stock. As so much of it lives on a separate floor, neatly boxed up, it is incredibly easy to ignore the fact that it is there, and has been for some years. As I've bought so much new stock recently, I was left with no choice as I couldn't physically shut the door on it any longer. So, I've sorted out all the stock up to what I've bought this financial year; reduced and sold a load of it and carted masses off to the local homeless project.

I remember watching one of those sort-out-your-clutter programmes a couple of years ago when the object of it was waffling on about how light and free she felt having undergone the process. I can't say that I do, as I am still horribly aware of just how much new stock I have to catalogue, as it certainly isn't going to sell if no one knows I've got it, but I do definitely feel as if I've achieved something, and very often I feel as if I am trying to do a million and one things; and none of them well.

On a more positive note though, I have just spotted a corner of the house where I can fit more book shelves...


Gillian said…
Space for more bookshelves ! I'm jealous. I've been thinking that the wonky bookshelf opposite the bedroom door could be replaced with something a) taller, and b)less liable to fall apart at any moment.

Still got to be only as deep as a standard hardback though, otherwise I won't be able to get past into the games room.
GeraniumCat said…
My sympathy over the accounts - I don't have to do mine until April, when I'll suffer from a bad burst of displacement activity.
Jane said…
Gillian - taller sounds good, and so does stronger. I've put bookshelves together before which have been a bit rocky, but weighing them down with books just doesn't seem to make them more stable, which I think is just plain wrong.

Geraniumcat - my year end is April too, but I'd like to approach it, just once, without the usual flat panic. However as my computer has just died, when I'd just overwritten my backup drive with files I was transferring to the new one, and they don't include the accounts, I think that might not happen....

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