Judith M Berrisford

After a lot of huffing and puffing (including yet another load of corrupt links - why do these always surface when I am already frantic?) I have the Judith M Berrisford pages thereabouts done. For once, I have managed to find copies of nearly all her books (many, many thanks to Haffyfan, Dawn and SusanB who nobly filled gaps) - the one missing is Five Foals and Philippa, which I've just ordered. I'll be very interested to read it.

As regular readers will know, I am not JMB's biggest fan. I do think though, that she was very blessed with her cover artists. The Jackie series in particular, which was illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam, is a real charmer. I haven't seen all of the books, but I presume all the covers are by him.
Jackie and Babs, heroines of the Jackie series, I find are like puppies: incredibly enthusiastic, full of life, but prone to, every now and then, doing things you'd really rather they wouldn't. Ponymadbooklover, in this excellent post on her blog, says that Jackie and Babs manage to irritate just about every man that they meet. I have to say, although I am not male, they have just the same affect on me. I wonder if they irritated JMB? Did she herself have mixed feelings about the demon duo?


I think most of the Jackie series did have Geoffrey Whittam covers, except for the later editions, which were (as typical of the time) paperback first editions.

He seems to be Brock Books main (at least pony wise) illustrator: J P-T's first edition of "Patrick's Pony" is another one published by Brock Books. Surprise, surprise, that also has Geoffrey Whittam illustrating it.

However, he has done most of Monica Edwards books too, but those were published by Collins, not Brock Books.
haffyfan said…
Haven't read them for ages but I think there may almost have been a hint of romance for Jackie in Steeple Chase Adventure or was it Change Ponies? Did her and Babs fall out about the young man in question? An investigation may be in order unless someone can remember?

I know what you mean about them being irritating characters....I like the books but unlike Pippa, they were just 'characters' and could not have had a place in the real world. Jill, for me, was a little the same too.
Jane Badger said…
PTA - I don't know if there's any info out there about what books Geoffrey Whittam illustrated, but it would be interesting to find out.

Haffy - I've never actually read any Pippa books. My copy of Five Foals has just arrived, and it looks very pretty, but we'll see!

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