PBOTD: 3rd February - Mary de la Mahotiere, Round up on Exmoor

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Round-up on Exmoor is its cover. It's by Marcia Lane Foster, who always made brilliant use of the spines of the books for which she designed jackets. I love the Exmoor ponies streaming down the spine on this one, and then on to the cover.

Round-up on Exmoor is a sequel to The Newspaper Children, and the book sees three children invited to join the annual Exmoor round up. Over forty ponies are missing from the moor, and the trio try and find them, as well as work out what the appropriately named Fly Fletcher is actually doing with the ponies.

Lutterworth, 1961, illus Marcia Lane Foster

Round-up on Exmoor was published for the first, and only time, by Lutterworth in 1961.

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There's a bit more (but not a lot) about the author here.


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