100 Poem Challenge

I love the poems you can see on London tube trains, which you can read as you strap hang mindlessly, tuning out humanity. Poems you don't know are like little nuggets which you might, or might not, have time to have got to the bottom of before you get off the train. After a brief, florid and unsuccessful excursion into poetry when I was 17, I settled to loving what other people do, and I do love Jen Campbell's poems. Recently she completed a 100 poem challenge, in which she wrote 100 poems in a weekend, and raised over £3,000 for EEC Syndrome.  Jen wrote each of the poems on a postcard, and here's mine:

and what I like to think of as my poem; particularly as when writing I like to drift off with the dogs along the hedgerows, telling myself I'm crafting, and not prevaricating.

Jen has collected all the poems together and published them. You can read more of the poems here.

Updated to say that one of Jen's poems will indeed be in a tube train near you (well, if you travel in London it will) as part of Words in Motion. The poem will be up in January.


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