New books for September

There’s a lot out this month, as publishers get ready for Christmas.  In particular, there’s a lot aimed at the picture book/really young reader market, but to start, here are a couple emphatically not for the infant reader.

Warrior: The Amazing Story of a Real War  - General Jack Seely
Racing Post is re-publishing this story of a real war horse, to coincide with the release of the film.  Brough Scott is the editor, and Peter O’Sullevan has written a foreword.  Some of the proceeds will go to Peter Sullevan’s charitable foundation.  £14.00, out on 23rd September.

Gamble - Felix Francis
The first solo effort by Felix Francis, who is continuing the Dick Francis brand. Michael Joseph, £18.99. In this one, our hero is no longer able to race because of an accident (sound familiar?) and is staggered when a friend is shot very, very early in the book. Which also sounds familiar: but Felix has a few books under his belt now, and revisiting the same basic plotlines didn’t do his father any harm.

Monica Edwards - Punchbowl Midnight
Latest in Girls Gone By’s reprints is Punchbowl Midnight, which can be a tricky title to track down. It’s one of the Punchbowl Farm series, in which Dion’s hopes to found his new Jersey herd with the calf Midnight look doomed once the calf escapes. She ends up running with the deer, and proves nearly as difficult as them to catch.  There are the usual GGB extras: an introduction by Monica’s daughter, Shelley, and introductions by Brian Parks.

Stacy Gregg - The Prize
The fourth episode of Stacy Gregg’s Pony Club Rivals series, set in an American equestrian academy, is out at the end of this month.   It’s £5.99.

Jenny Oldfield - Stormcloud & Miss Molly
Jenny Oldfield has two more episodes of her new Black Pearl Ponies series out on 1st September, in
which she continues her latest ranch series.

Pippa Funnell - Rusty, the Trustworthy Pony
Out on 1st September is the fifteenth episode of Tilly’s Pony Tails.  Orion, £3.99, and available in
Kindle, £3.39

Sarah Kilbride & Sophie Tilly - Shimmer the Magic Ice Pony
This title is part of the Princess Evie’s Ponies series, which so far has passed me by completely.  Out
at the end of the month (29th September) for £5.99, it’s a picture book, which comes with a free pony
(not a real one. Darn.)

Michael Dahl - Pony Brushes His Teeth (Hello Genius)
A new take on equine dentistry?  No, it’s an encourage-your-toddler book for good human dental health.
Out on 15th September in hardback, £5.99, this is the first British publication of this American book.

L Rigo - Little Pony (Look at Me Books)
Aimed at the really young, this is a board book:  ie one your toddler can chew but it will still survive.
Just about.  I wonder if this would have encouraged my two if it had been about when they were babies?
Probably not. It’s out on the 1st September. £4.99.  

Dandi Daley Mackall - Horse Dreams & Cowboy Colt
Dandy Daley Mackall has the first two episodes of her new series Backyard Horses out on
1st September.  £3.99.  It’s written as a counter-balance to the vogue for having show horses and
grand competition efforts, and it features exactly what it says: backyard horses.  Ones with no
pedigree; not at all smart - just normal horses enjoyed by normal girls.

Chris Platt - Star Gazer
This American book appears here in September for £9.23.  It’s a hardcover: a vanishingly rare thing for a book aimed at the older reader, and it’s the story of Jordan Mackenzie, who longs to have a Black Percheron.  She gets one, but finds out the horse has been abused.

Michael Morpurgo - Farm Boy
Out on 29 Sep, £4.99, is a new edition of the sequel to War Horse.

Linda Newbery's The Damage Done, which I recently reviewed, is out soon on Kindle.

Walter Farley: The Black Stallion’s Ghost, The Black Stallion and Flame, The Black Stallion’s Blood Bay Colt, The Island Stallion, The Horse Tamer - all 28 September
The Pullein-Thompsons:  Black Beauty’s Family - end of September


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