Bonkers Advertising Copy - Joules

Eating my cheese muffin at lunch today I was mulling over the Joules catalogue, as you do, when I came across this:

"One of life's greatest pleasures is a loose fitting shirt pulled overhead."

I can think of a few circumstances where that might be the case, but frankly, in the general scheme of things, isn't your life a bit sad if putting on a shirt is your greatest pleasure in life?

A bulging parcel which you know contains a book being pulled out of the letterbox, on the other hand....


Val said…
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Val said…
There is something very exciting and satisfying about a book parcel... (although shirt pullers might think that sad)My favourite local book store (which I just did a quick search for to make sure it's still there)used to wrap your purchase up in brown paper and tie the parcel neatly with string..LOVELY

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