Tail not looking good?

Never mind. If you're a Western Pleasure horse, or any other poor unfortunate American animal being displayed in the show classes on the lunatic fringe of American equestrianism, it doesn't matter if your own tail's a bit stringy. You too can get a custom made tail. Amazingly, this is perfectly acceptable in show classes.

Not only that, some breed associations even allow you to weight the tail extension to flatten the horse's tail carriage.

If your horse still isn't looking right, you can try a forelock extension.Link

It makes the diamanté browband look rather tame.


Anonymous said…
Funnily enough, was reading British Arab Horse Society show rules from 1992 this morning (as you do) and there are very strict instructions AGAINST that horrible mane clipping thing that they do with Arabs in the US (as well as smearing black stuff round their eyes). Hurrah for Britain!

Have you read the Shame in the Horse Show Ring blog?

My word verification was appropriate: "waggli" as in tail.

Susanna F
Jane Badger said…
But we do still allow some horse makeup - not sure which breed societies etc allow it though. Yes, I have read the Shame in the Horse Show Ring blog, which is actually where I learned of the false tail thing. What surprised me in the post was that the false tail wasn't regarded as in the least odd - the fact a stallion in the class removed it after he mounted the mare, yes, but the false tail got nary a mention. Can't begin to think what it all must have looked like!
Anonymous said…
Really? Make up? Oh goodness. You'd want to go round with a handkerchief and some spit and scrub it all off.

Susanna F

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