Which we actually visited weeks ago, but still..

The Eden Project: good, but not the staggering and awesome experience I thought it would be. They are excellent at crowd management, and have put a lot of thought into getting a large amount of people round without driving them insane, but I found the biodomes strangely disappointing. Interesting, certainly. Not entirely sure, thinking about it, exactly what I did expect.

I liked the sculptures, though this one is the stuff of nightmares:

Lanhydrock, where the fire alarm went off as we were heading for the attics. Went after daughter to get her to come back and get out, but as I had loud conversation with her up the stairs about the fact it was a fire alarm and that meant get out, people trudged on by, intent on continuing their tour. Were they acting with British reserve and pretending the fire alarm and I were not there? Or just in a world of their own? Or were they waiting for me to tell them to get out too?


In what dim planning brain was it thought that a few hundred metres away from this:

should be this dire example of bog standard 20th century dullness?

That's Tintagel for you.
We spent hours adoring the otters at the otter sanctuary. Populations have recovered so well there is no longer a breeding programme to repopulate the rivers.

St Mary Magdelene, Launceston has an exterior the like of which we've never seen before (and here is a better phot0.)

On the way home, we stopped in Ashburton, where there is the most glamorous teashop, where we had yet another cream tea. It's an antique shop too, so you can buy what you're sitting on. The cream tea was jolly good too: decent scones, which having sampled a lot of them over the preceding week, I can tell you are surprisingly rare.


Val said…
What a Lovely selection of photos
The brick building looks B awful..what were they thinking ????actually sad to say I suppose they weren't...
I think the Buoy picture and the snails hiding out!were my favourites but then who can resist otters and stonework? I agree about the statue and nightmares and speaking as the idiot parent who allowed her 8 year old to read the second Harry Potter I have experience....
Jane Badger said…
Thanks Val! - I think the buoy picture is my favourite too.

I can sympathise over your 8 year old. We let our daughter watch a fairly mild sci-fi film and she had nightmares for weeks. I suppose, on the plus side, they obviously have very active imaginations!
Val said…
Active imaginations...nice one
I will try to cling to that positive thought while blundering clumsily around the pitch dark house, bumping into furniture I'd entirely forgotton we owned whilst assuring her that he who should not be named is not hiding under the bed..drat and curse him
(The buoy picture is lovely and very cheerful somehow!)
Jane Badger said…
Val - I can just see your night times...

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