The Internal Debate: the Resolution

Dutiful me: Shoes!

Book me: Book.

Northampton Borough Council: Parking Ticket.


haffyfan said…

Hope it wasn't one of these CCTV jobbies?
Jane said…
No - I parked in what I thought was a carpark belonging to the shop, but it was a council one. Hey ho.
Vanessa said…
I went back to driving a few weeks ago after the obligatory year off because I had a seizure. On my first day of driving I had an altercation with a man in a white van, almost got broadsided by a tourist looking at their satnav and not at the road and got a ticket for overstaying by 5 minutes. Like I never went away!
Jane said…
It's great, isn't it? Today had the usual school run encounter with the motorist who thinks the left hand filter lane on the roundabout is a perfectly adequate one to use for going straight on.

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