Jill lives again

Fidra Books, who as many of you will know have republished Six Ponies and Fly-by-Night, have acquired the rights to all of the Jill series, and will start to issue them next year.
They will have the full original text, so Black Boy will be Black Boy, and not Danny Boy or any of the other things with which he might have been afflicted, Challenges for Jill and Jill and the Runaway will head for the hills, and all the Caney illustrations will be back in place.
Hurrah! The Jill section is far and away the most popular section on my website, so hopefully these new additions will mean she can enchant today's pony-mad children. And their parents, of course.



Are you going to stick this on SU?
Vanessa said…
I've been amaxed by the number of emails I've had about this - almost more than any other books we've signed up!

So yes, do tell Saddle Up, tell Horse and Hound - tell everyone!!
Unknown said…
Cor - are you all on SU ???? I am too !!! Ali
Jane Badger said…
Hello! Vanessa isn't but m&m and I are.
Unknown said…
What a small world it is !!! Ali
rallycairn said…
This is wonderful news. I hope the new editions may somehow be more accessible to me (I'm in the US, sadly.).

I've only read/been able to obtain a few of the Jill books. I was reading the informative synopses on Jane Badger books and was horrified to find that Jill and Ann decided to take a secretarial course after all -- and at the advice of Capt Cholly-Sawcutt???!!! What? What happened to his offer of a job to Jill [Jill Enjoys Her Ponies]?? Did she decide not to take something that didn't include Ann, or what?

And why, with Jill's enthusiasm, PLUS the examples of people making a living with horses right before her eyes (the Capt himself, Mrs Darcy), would it seem so improbable that Jill could make a career of horses?

Thanks for any comments -- know this is a bit beyond the scope of a publication announcement --

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