Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Morning walk, 22nd May 2012

Today's fixation is snails. I would have thought creeping up the stalks of goosegrass would have been excruciating to a smooth underside, so was this snail deluded, or does it have an underside that can cope?

Like these ones. 

With all the stuff that eats it, it's amazing there's as much cow parsley left as there is:

 Amazing double red hawthorn growing next to the road:


Narida said...

That's one tough snail!

Jane Badger said...

Super tough.

Christina Wilsdon said...

They can crawl right over razor blades, the darn things. Tough critters. What's the yellow flower?

Jane Badger said...

Buttercup, though my photograph doesn't make it look very buttercuppy, I must admit.