Sunday, 3 April 2011

Afternoon walk

I don't tend to photograph the less lovely bits of my walk, but here's the view over to the railway line.

I'm wondering if this is a rhododendron or something less sinister.  If it is a rhododendron, do I go and hoik it out, bearing in mind it might take over the hedgerow if left? 

The sloe blossom is out:

as are the dead nettles,

and the temperature is just right for bathing.

I wonder what the pigs would make of the stream were they able to get to it, but they seem intent on digging for victory.

These stones, whose scale I haven't managed to convey entirely successfully despite the dog, are supposed to be the remains of a Medieval manor house.  As the site is handy for the stream, and for this valley, reasonably well sheltered, it seems at least possible.

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