Monday, 26 July 2010

No pony? A bunny could be just as good.

Thanks Susannah for sending me this.

Bunny puissance, bunny long jump - what's not to like?


Val said...

That is just Brilliant..the kids have just gone to bed so I'll have to wait for tomorrow to share..
it's quite excellent lol

Jane Badger said...

Isn't it? I had no idea rabbits could be that co-operative!

Moggypie said...

Who knew! My pet bunnies sure weren't that cooperative...this one is definitely worth re-posting on FB :) Too funny! ( there rabbit dressage?)

Jane Badger said...

It was posted to me on my Facebook page! I wonder if there is rabbit dressage? Do you suppose it would be like heel work for dogs? Would there have to be careful strictures on what sort of harness was allowed on the bunny, presuming a simple one strand lead as used in showjumping would no longer be enough?